Meet Harry de Bont

Harry, born in Rotterdam and educated in Electrical Engineering and Psychology, is a seasoned professional specializing in identifying and addressing root causes of problems to provide sustainable solutions. His unique coaching approach is deeply rooted in evolutionary psychology, specifically understanding the hunter-gatherer instincts that still influence our behaviors today. A natural connector with over 35 years of experience, Harry has made a name for himself in the tech industry, and beyond, by offering valuable guidance to professionals, managers, and individuals seeking personal and career growth. His background, which includes roles as an officer, IT professional, career counsellor, team coach, manager, executive coach, and more, allows him to approach each client's needs with unique insight and comprehensive understanding. With a passion for personal growth and the ability to unlock others' potential, Harry has been pivotal in career progression and teambuilding, especially among tech professionals and management teams, propelling stagnant careers and organizations towards growth. Harry's expertise extends to individuals feeling lost or overwhelmed in life's complexities, using his knowledge in positive psychology, stress management, and depth psychology to provide much-needed support. Harry's dedication to aligning personal talents with societal contributions makes him a trusted mentor, coach, and supporter.


Experienced Trainer, Coach, and Organizational Advisor
Harry de Bont, owner of MonadCompany, has designed workshops, served on the board of The International Association of the Study of Dreams, and contributed to international conferences. His work in talent development, organizational alignment, strategy advice, and personal development, informed by principles of evolutionary psychology, has helped countless professionals, teams, and individuals overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Whether it's guiding IT professionals and engineers, assisting managers with strategy alignment and people management, or supporting individuals through their personal struggles, Harry's diverse experience and insightful approach result in meaningful change and growth. He's also adept in addressing organizational issues such as trust among shareholders, aligning business processes, and offering valuable advice on HR policy development. In summary, Harry de Bont's rich background, commitment to growth, and diverse experience make him an exceptional trainer, coach, and organizational advisor. His unique insights enable him to deliver outstanding results for tech professionals, management teams, and individuals, contributing significantly to their journey of self-discovery, professional development, and overall well-being.